Female Cancer Cover

1 in 9 South African women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Platinum Life offers cover for 8 of these cancers.

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Accidental Debility Cover

Life is unpredictable… Platinum Life provides peace of mind with quality accidental disability cover and top-class service.

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Add-on Products

Platinum Life offers a range of add-on products that include: Male Cancer Cover and Accidental Death Cover.

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Who we are / what we do

Platinum Life specialises in offering top-class insurance services through professional and expert telephone marketing and service delivery. We follow a “referral only” business model, and our success depends exclusively on referrals from our clients. We provide services with a personal touch to fit each client’s unique need.

Accidental Related Claims (disability & death)19%
Cancer Related Claims77%
Other Claims4%

R 112 987 659,25


R 5 030 906,36


What our Customers say

''Wherever I go, I recommend Platinum Life. I have learned that nobody is immune to cancer. It can also happen to you, even if you don't believe it.''- Elsie de Klerk
''The thing about Platinum Life that still remains with me is the obvious fact that they will go that extra mile for their clients. They have a special way of showing they care about their clients. Few companies get that right!''- Christine Louw
''I was diagnosed with kidney cancer, hospitalised and my one kidney was removed and then they also found a tumour behind my left eye. I am so grateful that my wife took out a policy for cancer with Platinum Life, because she was able to add me onto it. Platinum Life paid out my claim and all I can say is THANK YOU TO ALL THE PLATINUM LIFE EMPLOYEES! Your friendly attitude towards us as Platinum Life customers is amazing - even over the phone you come across as sincere.''- Tommy and Hester Solomon
''Being told you have cancer is one of the worst experiences in your life but dealing with Platinum Life made the situation so much easier. I cannot say thank you enough. I will treasure my relationship with you guys forever.''- Vivianne Jansen van Vuuren
''After I was diagnosed with breast cancer, could I have coped without Platinum Life? No, probably not! Or, let me rather rephrase that – No, DEFINITELY not! Thank you Platinum Life! Your support has made my fight so much easier. You have made it possible for me to stand up and face the world again after my hard fall.''- Sandra Pienaar