Female Cancer Cover

1 in 9 South African women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Platinum Life offers cover for 8 of these cancers.

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Accidental Debility Cover

Life is unpredictable… Platinum Life provides peace of mind with quality accidental disability cover and top-class service.

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Add-on Products

Platinum Life offers a range of add-on products that include: Male Cancer Cover and Accidental Death Cover.

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Who we are / what we do

Platinum Life specialises in offering top-class insurance services through professional and expert telephone marketing and service delivery. We follow a “referral only” business model, and our success depends exclusively on referrals from our clients. We provide services with a personal touch to fit each client’s unique need.

Accidental Related Claims (disability & death)19%
Cancer Related Claims77%
Other Claims4%

R 112 987 659,25


R 5 030 906,36


What our Customers say

''Platinum life has made my life easier. I have no words to describe how grateful I am with what Platinum Life has done for me and my family.'' - Joyce (Genito-urinary Cancer)
''From the date of my claim's submission I was kept fully informed, and as promised, I saw a full payout in my bank account. This, without a doubt, made my journey so much easier to endure.'' - Kogie (Breast Cancer)
''My family and I have been overwhelmed by the kindness and concern of Platinum Life. There are no words to describe how your support has helped to make our journey so much easier. '' - Trevor (Prostate Cancer)
''To think I tried to cancel the policy... I thought that I would never need it and that it's a waste of money - cancer does not run in my family. Always be prepared for the unexpected - I'm glad I was.''- Lynette (Breast Cancer)
''Ons waardeer jul onbaatsugtige hulp en bystand.''- Laetitia (Borskanker)