Platinum Life was established in 2002. We specialise in offering top-class insurance services through professional and expert telephone marketing. We value and make it our mission to keep our policyholders our top priority.

Platinum Life at a glance

We operate with absolute integrity at all times, taking pride in the total product and service which we provide. We do not take any risks that can be considered unduly large and which could be significant, relative to the business.

Money back benefit

Platinum Life’s policies have a Money Back Benefit. Should you not claim on your policy, we will pay you back 50% of all your premiums paid at age 65 (if you took out a policy when you were 45 years old or younger) or 20 years after your policy commenced (if you were 46 years or older when you took out a policy).

What makes us special

  • A percentage of every premium collected on the Cancer policies is donated to CHOC.
  • CANCER POLICIES: We pay out on diagnosis of cancer – you can use the money for anything!
  • All pay-outs are tax free.
  • We require no medical tests.

Our Fantastic Employees

Our motto: Serious Service Sense with Empathy, Enthusiasm and Efficiency.

We value our policyholders and they are our top priority. In order to deliver outstanding service, we only hire highly skilled and outstanding individuals. Every employee is screened to ensure that they are suitably qualified and will be able to maintain this high standard of service. Intense training programs are implemented in the various departments.

Our Values



To act with absolute integrity at all times.



To align the interests of all stakeholders.

Pride in Product

Pride in Product

To take pride in the total product and service offering we provide.

Calculated Risks

Calculated Risks

To not accept any risks that can be considered large or significant, relative to the business as a whole.

As an Authorised Financial Services provider Platinum Life adheres to the outcomes of Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) as prescribed by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA).

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