We pride ourselves in our commitment to promptly assist all clients with queries.
Should you need any assistance on your Platinum Life policy, please contact our Customer Care Department telephonically on 0860 542 542 or email them at info@platinumlife.co.za.



If you have been diagnosed with one of the eight female or seven male cancers that are covered in your policy please contact our Customer Care Department telephonically on 0860 542 542.


If you are permanently disabled as a result of accidental causes which is covered by your Accidental Debility Policy please contact our Customer Care Department telephonically on 0860 542 542.


If a life insured should die of unnatural causes and the benefit is added onto the particular policy please contact our Customer Care Department telephonically on 0860 542 542 to submit a claim.

Personal Details

Change of Beneficiary

Should you wish to update any of your details, please contact our Customer Care Department via telephone and your details will be updated while you speak. For change of banking details, please be sure to have all the relevant information on hand (account number, type of account and branch name/code) as we will request these details from you. 

Alternatively, please feel free to inform us of any changes via fax on (011) 268 0799 or email.

Should you wish to add, remove or change the beneficiaries on your policy, kindly fax your request to (011) 268 0799 or email it to info@platinumlife.co.za.

Please be sure to include the following:

  • Policy number
  • Contact numbers
  • Proof of identification (copy of the ID document) for the policy holder.

Glossary of terms

Histology Report: Histopathology is the examination of tissues from the body under a microscope to spot the signs and characteristics of a disease. A histopathology report describes the tissue that has been sent for examination and what features are visible microscopically. Occasionally a histopathology report is also called a biopsy report. The report will also, if the tissue is cancerous, indicate the grade of the cancer and if it is malignant and invasive.

Mammogram Report: This report is compiled by a doctor, indicating what is visible on a mammogram.

Sonar Report: This report is compiled by a doctor after a sonar has been performed to check the breasts, uterus, etc.  It will indicate what is visible on the sonar.

Pap Smear Report: These reports are available from a Gynaecologist. They will indicate the results of all pap smears that have been performed over the lifetime of a patient.

PSA Results: Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) is a protein produced by the cells of the prostate gland. The PSA test measures the level of PSA in the blood by way of testing the blood collected from the patient in a laboratory.

GP Notes: These notes are from the General Practitioner. These are all notes made by the GP when the patient comes for consultations related to any minor ailments, e.g. colds and flu’s. These notes are required as clients are not required to undergo medical examinations before taking out a policy.

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