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Cancer Facts & Symptoms

Exploring complementary therapies in cancer care 

Cancer is a complex journey; individuals often seek various approaches to address their physical and emotional well-being. In addition to conventional medical treatments, complementary therapies have gained popularity for their potential to enhance overall quality of life and provide additional support during cancer care.

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Healthy Lifestyle

Healthcare costs on the rise: essential tips for South Africans

The rising healthcare costs in South Africa have emerged as a growing concern, becoming a big worry for our financial stability and overall health. As the expenses associated with medical treatments continue to increase, it becomes crucial for us to proactively investigate and implement effective strategies to help manage these financial commitments.

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Mental Health

The unseen journey of mental well-being in cancer 

In the realm of health battles, cancer is often seen as a formidable adversary, a ruthless force that attacks the body and demands a relentless fight for survival. However, amidst the physical turmoil, there’s a silent battle that often goes unnoticed- the profound impact of cancer on mental health.

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Healthy Lifestyle


Let’s be honest with ourselves: We all overindulge a little when we are on holiday, and coming back from the festive season has undoubtedly left me feeling like I have returned from a gastronomic adventure.
After all that family time and get-togethers with friends and loved ones, I have consumed my fair share of pudding and chocolate that I usually would not indulge in otherwise, and my body could use the detox.

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Healthy Lifestyle

The Impact Of Gut Health On Mental Wellness 

At its essence, gut health encompasses the harmony and effectiveness of microorganisms within our digestive systems. As Dr. Matthew Barker and his devoted team at Integrative Pain and Wellness Centre suggested, this vibrant community, commonly known as the gut microbiome, greatly influences our overall well-being.

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