Injuries covered by Platinum Life under the Accidental Debility Policy:

Permanent and total loss of whole eye or eyesight.

Permanent and total loss of eyesight except perception of light.

Permanent and total loss of hearing in one ear.

Permanent and total loss of hearing in both ears.

Permanent and total loss of speech.

Permanent and total loss of use of a limb at or above the wrist or ankle of one or more limbs.

Loss of four fingers.

Should such injuries be sustained as a result of a violent assault (for example a mugging), the benefit that we pay out will be increased by 50%.

The lump sum benefit is increased annually by 10% on the policy’s anniversary date.


The Accidental Debility Benefit will be payable upon the occurrence of the above mentioned injuries. Multiple disability claims can be made on the policy until such time as the total claim amount reaches the maximum level. Once the maximum amount is reached, no further claims are valid under the policy.

The lump sum that will be paid to you need not be allocated to your medical bills. Platinum Life realises that there are many hidden costs associated with a permanent disability. The money is yours to use at your own discretion. The lump sum payable is tax-free.

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