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I acknowledge that I have watched and understood this Tutorial on the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA). I agree to abide by the principles and outcomes as outlined in the tutorial.

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Which of the following are examples of Personal Information protected by POPIA?

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Data subjects have the right to force a company to correct inaccurate information

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Which of the following is Special Personal Information under POPIA?

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Which is not a condition for the lawful processing of information?

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You discover files containing information about a former client of Platinum Life. What should you do?

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ABC Insurance requires job applicants to provide their driving license information on its standard job application. Taylor, who is applying for a job in product operations that doesn’t involve driving fills in the form. Is this a breach of the POPIA conditions for lawful processing?

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You have received a written request from a policyholder for copies of their personal information that you have on file about them. Do you have to comply with this request?

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Jason downloads some client information onto a memory stick to use on his laptop when traveling. He then discovers that he has lost the memory stick. What should he do?

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You receive a notification from a client that they want to transfer their business to a competitor. What should you do with the Personal Information you have relating to the client?

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Sarah recently learned that her bank has inaccurate personal information on her. What recourse is available to her under POPIA?

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XYZ Insurance collects certain personal information from prospective investors. This information is stored on their computer network but is not password protected or encrypted. Which POPIA condition are they violating?

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Platinum Life is outsourcing the processing of personal information to a service provider. Who is responsible for the security and integrity of the information?

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