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I acknowledge that I have watched and understood this Tutorial on the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA). I agree to abide by the principles and outcomes as outlined in the tutorial.

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What does POPIA stand for?

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Which of the following are examples of Personal Information protected by POPIA?

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A page on an online brokers website asks customers for their consent to receive an email newsletter. The site does not disclose that the broker will also sell the email addresses to other companies, but the broker does so anyway. Does the broker’s sale of the email addresses violate the POPIA?

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Which of the following is Special Personal Information under POPIA?

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Platinum Life asks its group affiliate, IPS, to share its database containing its customers personal information. These customers have no relationship with Platinum Life. When IPS collected the personal information, it did not secure its customers consent to share the details with its affiliates. Which condition would IPS violate if it shares the personal information with Platinum Life?

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XYZ Insurance collects certain information from prospective clients via tele-marketing. This information is stored on the company’s computer network but is not password protected or encrypted. Which POPIA condition is the company violating?

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123 Insurance Group maintains a database of its customers. The company’s website indicates that personal information will be collected and used for the purpose of providing home and motor insurance services. Recently, 123 Insurance became affiliated with a banking business and intends to mail marketing information about the banks new savings account products with its insurance renewal notices. Why would this violate POPIA?

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Which is not a condition for the lawful processing of information?

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ABC Insurance requires job applicants to provide their driving license information on its standard job application. Taylor, who is applying for a job in a product operations role that doesn’t involve driving fills in the form. Is this a breach of the POPIA conditions for lawful processing?

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Sarah recently learned that her bank has inaccurate personal information on her. What recourse is available to her under POPIA?

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